Treating the Whole Child

The 31-Day Challenge benefits CHOP’s Integrative Health Program, a broad umbrella of ultimately data-driven therapies and practices guided by the understanding that there are multiple ways to approach wellness and disease.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition and diet, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki and aromatherapy can be employed to complement the treatment of patients who are seen in specialty areas such as gastroenterology, neurology, oncology and orthopaedics. Such efforts have resulted in lower stress, a reduced need for medication or invasive therapies, and faster healing.

“Integrated health combines traditional and alternative medicine with the goal of treating the whole child – the mind, body and soul,” says Maria R. Mascarenhas, MBBS, Medical Director of the Integrative Health Program. “It gives us new tools to fight disease, to combat pain, and to increase the health of a child.”

Other Ways to Support CHOP

While the Integrative Health Program is the featured beneficiary for the 31-Day Challenge, you can choose to have your fundraising dollars support pediatric research, patient care, or a specific area of the Hospital. Directed donations must be received by June 7, 2017.

Autism Research & Care

Children with autism spectrum disorders benefit from care, treatment and ongoing research by experts at CHOP.

Cancer Center

Oncologists at CHOP deliver expert treatment and develop new ways to treat cancer more safely, effectively and with fewer side effects.

Cardiac Center

Patient outcomes at the Cardiac Center are among the best in the world, placing us in the top tier of pediatric cardiac programs.

Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment

The center provides care for babies with prenatally diagnosed birth defects and continues to research new ways to treat life-threatening conditions.

Child Life

Child Life Services at CHOP was one of the first in the nation to recognize the therapeutic value of play for hospitalized children.

Critical Care

Experienced critical care experts care for children with life-threatening illnesses and injuries in CHOP’s intensive care units.

Cystic Fibrosis

Children with cystic fibrosis receive specialized care and treatment that promotes growth and slows the progression of the disease.


The Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes provides advance treatment options for a broad range of endocrine disorders.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The multidisciplinary team provides expert care for critically ill newborns and premature infants, and offers seamless access to specialty services.


Endocrine disorders can affect how your child is growing and developing. At CHOP, we offer advanced treatment for all endocrine disorders.

Palliative Care and Bereavement

CHOP offers psychological, social and spiritual services to support children with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

Plastic Surgery

Using the most advanced tools and techniques, plastic and reconstructive surgeons provide children with the individualized care they need.

Rehabilitative Medicine

The Center for Rehabilitative Medicine is dedicated to empowering patients and their families to optimize their quality of life.


At CHOP, the Division of Rheumatology provides customized and comprehensive care for children with rheumatic and immune disorders.

Sickle Cell Center

CHOP provides comprehensive care for patients and continues to pioneer sickle cell disease research and its possible complications.

Social Work

Social workers offer a variety of support services to children and families during inpatient hospitalizations, outpatient visits, and even at home.

Trisomy 21

The Trisomy 21 Program assesses the developmental, behavioral and health needs of children and adults with Down syndrome (trisomy 21).