Top fundraisers use the following strategies when planning their benefits:

  • Understand the community/target audience and try to identify something that might be of value or interest to them.
  • Publicize the fundraiser heavily.
  • Undertake the fundraiser with great enthusiasm — it’s infectious!
  • Pursue fundraising activities on a year-round, ongoing basis.

Ideas to get you started

Dine and donate night

Ask a local restaurant or cafe if they could hold a “31-Day Challenge Night” in which a portion of the proceeds for the day benefit the event.

Poker night

Invite 10 people over for a round of charity poker. Send invitations explaining your 31-Day Challenge participation and request everyone bring $25-$40 mad money. If you want to try this on a larger scale, hold it in your church basement or local school. Provide refreshments.

Host a party

Organize a party and ask everyone for a donation when they arrive. You can also do this for the Final Four basketball playoffs, Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, Masters’ golf, etc. This is an especially good idea if you’ve got a big-screen TV.

Game nights

Get your friends and family together once a month for game night. Encourage everyone to bring a food dish. Everyone pays $5 to play, with all the money going to your 31-Day Challenge fundraising goal.