Email is a great way to share your story. In the past, 31-Day Challenge participants have been able to meet and exceed their fundraising goals by reaching out to friends and family via email. Follow the steps below to help get you started.

Compose a quick email.

Write as if you are sending the email individually to a close friend. Include a preface that, as a friend, you thought they would be interested in this mission.

Balance fact with feeling.

Include what the 31-Day Challenge is (fact); why you are involved/what it means to you (feeling); remind them to seek a company gift match if their employer offers that benefit (fact).

Early on, make the “ask.”

Don’t limit your donors, but ask for a specific range. Ask for “$10, $20, $50 or whatever your budget will allow.” Make sure to include a link to your personal fundraising page.

Send it to EVERYONE you know!

Make sure you blind copy (bcc) all recipients. They don’t need to know who else is receiving your note.